Do you Really Believe?

We often focus on what we are doing physically. Looking at the mental and spiritual components and shifting our beliefs is a game changer.

Quite a few of us, including myself, have tried diet after diet, exercise routine after exercise routine without success. Why is this and how do we change it?

Some possible reasons could consist of a lack of consistency, effort, momentum, or willpower. I’m sure this list isn’t exhaustive to all the reasons we have failed in the past.

Knowing why we fail can help us the next time we try but I think there is something more.

Several shifts had to happen for my success before I could be successful.

It boils down to mindset and how you truly view yourself. Do you really believe you can achieve the goals you have set around diet and exercise or do you just want it really bad? There is a difference. If you think badly about yourself, even losing 100 pounds won’t change that. Until we believe we can achieve it we won’t. Until we love ourselves enough to value ourselves, we won’t change.
So how does one do that anyway?

There are many different ways. Some people like to use EFT tapping, others prefer positive affirmations. These are both good and I use them regularly. There is more though:

I studied an author by the name of Byron Katie, and I found her approach a very helpful start. She has 4 questions she uses to dissect any thought you are having. The four questions are:
1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
3. How do you react when you believe that thought?
4. Who would you be without the thought?

When using these in conjunction with other tools it can be a very powerful mind shift. This shift in mindset is what is needed before you can successfully change diet or exercise. I actively use this in my own life and my coaching practice. Her book can be found on my website store at

A second shift that occurs was brought to my attention by Dr. Prochaska.

Dr. Prochaska, who developed the 6 stages of behavior change brings light to the fact that most programs on the market are geared towards the action stage of change. This results in people failing because mentally they hadn’t prepared for the change. The 6 stages are pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination. Three stages need to be worked through before that action phase. In my program, I can help my clients determine what stage of change they are actually in and help them transition from one to the next until they are successful.

The third shift that I have found to be the most successful in this process of shifting one’s mindset so that health goals can become achieved is relying on spirituality. Most of us are not always faithful to ourselves or even to accountability partners. However, being accountable to God was someone I was not willing to let down. Reading scriptures, praying, and journaling through the lens of my food and body image struggles helped me realize that God does care about our health. In my book, Believe and Achieve Health: A Book of Mormon Devotional for Healthy Eating and Healthy Body Image, I share over 200 scriptures that helped my mindset and my belief. By relying on the Lord through this struggle, I was able to experience His healing hand. Understanding that our bodies are a temple and we should take care of them as such, made a huge difference for me. It changed how I saw my body and how I took care of it. No temporal law given from heaven is only temporal but has a spiritual component as well. If we are fatigued from a poor diet we won’t be able to feel the Holy Ghost in our lives as well as we could if our minds were keen and clear.

These mindset shifts are not just important but vital to our success in our health goals. Any other path will lead to discouragement and frustration and ultimate resignation from our goals. For this reason, I have named my business Believe and Achieve Health. For when you believe you will achieve.